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The key to teaching is to realize you’re still a student. Modesty, the state of unassuming. Through these lens, anyone could be a teacher and anyone could be a student. Teaching is no longer about authority. It’s about teamwork and two way communication.


You can fantasize about a relationship ending; romanticize it in the most ironic meaning of the word. A relationship is no sooner to combust than one as flammable as this. Liter the pit with dry memories, the resentment that sits like a heavy log, and the friction of constant disagreements. However, a fire ignited this way only burns for so long, and like anything you burn, the contents will contort themselves into something unrecognizable before ascending. And after a year or so, when the fire is out, what’s left is the cold separation. There’s nothing to romanticize.We forget the bad, regret the mistakes, and nothing is left.

My Thoughts Of Spring

It is not uncommon for me to avoid knocking down these pillars of common sense. Although I’m finding it more true, as I appeal to logos, that the structural integrity of my world does not depend on the general consensus. Common sense comes with a price, and that price is sacrificing the process that which without, I think us not human.

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